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“By utilizing cutting edge technologies, BDAM and its various products are positioned to revolutionize financial services in the new decade, with the support from the worlds top 5 incubator ETC, Goldmansachs Launch and the UK department of trade.”

  • BDAM CEO, Jaian Cuttari

Blockchain Platform

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Jaian Cuttari

CEO & Founder

Founder of a US based Advisory & Investment firm, Governement Administration (SSS) Presidential Appointee, Harvard Kennedy. Featured in Forbes, Nasdaq and Coin-telegraph.

Dr. David Meszaros

Chief Financial Officer

PhD in law with over a decade of international experience in the corporate

Naviin Kapoor

Chief Technology Evangelist

Successfully lead over 300 development teams in India and the United States

Quentin Herbrecht

Chief Marketing Officer

Forbes' best blockchain advisor

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  • Grant Cardone

  • Robert Herjevec

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efficient, secure, infinitely scalable and decentralized blockchain architecture

The high-level structure of
edison-chain overview

A four-layer encapsulation system blockchain framework
has been proposed and implemented.

Sharding for root chain & transaction chain in the
double-chain architecture of edison-chain

The root chain and transactions chains can perform deeper sharding. Here, the root chain and transaction chains define rules and make a balanced distribution of transactions to its sub-chains.


That is, when the number of chains (shards) increases, the TPS can also increase linearly, instead of stagnation of single-chain system.

Scaling Enterprise Blockchain Applications Architecture

Blockchain Applications



  • Peers …
  • Orderers …
  • Nodejs Servers …


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Industry Leading Protocols Or Platform

Payment Gateway

An innovative payment gateway striving to bring fintech revolution by harnessing the power of hybrid multi-chain network

Standout Features:

  • 1. Instantaneous transactions
  • 2. Minimal transactional fee (0.1 ~ 0.5%)
  • 3. One-stop store payment through integrated PoS network
  • 4. Lucrative reward offering (up to 1% earned)
  • 5. One stop platform allowing trading of all major stocks, commodities and currencies (Coins, legal currency, stocks, funds, leverage, loans, gold, minerals, real estate, digital, etc.)
  • 6. AI and Big Data based Incentivized Content Distribution Mechanism
  • 7. Multi protocols for data distribution and storage for enterprises
(Games, shopping, travel products, movies, events, various online services)

Payment Processing Platform

Offering the world’s most lucrative reward points mechanism

  • Credit card:

    Get access to exchangeable reward points that can be redeemed against BDAM Coins.

  • ATM:

    Seamlessly withdraw all of your digital assets at over 1 million ATM points across the world.

  • Trading Crypto:

    Incorporates all kinds of coins. Free real-time trading 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Pay App:

    One-click deposit, withdrawal, exchange of coins, local currency and all assets conveniently at anytime, anywhere. Freely deal with your friends like WeChat

  • News:

    Get access to world’s latest finance news, all in one place.

BDAM’s Market

$10.07 Trillion

Digital Payment Market Size in 2018


Digital Payment Market Size in 2018

Digital Payment Industry
Trends – Increase in demand for digital
payments in banking & financial sectors.

$2 Trillion

Global Payments Market Size is Expected to Reach by the end of 2025


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